What is Crystal Synergy Power?



Saturated with wisdom this majestic being comes alive in service to our remembrance. I can feel it’s potent protection and aliveness every time my hands hold it. This beautiful sistrum is a marriage, a symbol of union. The union of metals and crystals through medicinal sound. The union of past and future through my hands in the now. The symbolic REunion of consciousness and matter as this gorgeous Sistrum.




"I just wanted to share with you what magic I've been experiencing with my ankh. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with it and have been strongly guided every step of the way by it on when and what to do to use it's magic. It is speaking very clearly to me. I have had such a massive shift in awareness and also have been channeling clearly through poetry and writing which was one of my intentions for this year. I was so excited to read about the Sanskrit stone you used to discover that it is bridging me to my soul muse channel for divine knowledge to flow into written form. Words are flowing out of me into a book I have been wanting to write and I even wrote two songs, I have never written a song before. I just wanted you to know how thankful and blessed I feel to use this technology. I was excited to show my friend (Steve from Elixart) my new ankh from you and on the way to Nevada city I experienced a vision of death (my 4th one in a few months) and I actually unlocked my own immortality through the process. I was blown away and wrote for the next 3 hours in Heartwood. thank you thank you thank you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜.




"My experience with this brilliant technology is rather profound. The first time I had the fortunate opportunity to receive healing from Ankhara’s copper pyramid and hand-made Ankhs was in Joshua Tree, California. I was feeling out of balance, foggy, and confused. After spending some time in the pyramid, and even taking a solo journey with one of the Ankhs in hand, I had experienced cathartic release of stagnant emotions, and even found myself rolling around on the desert floor, communing with Mother Nature. I went from feeling icky and not myself to blissful, embodied true nature. If you are curious as to how holding one of these incredible art pieces and sitting under a pyramid allowed for this transformation to occur, I highly recommend connecting with Ankhara and investing in one of his Ankhs. Not only are they beautiful and admirable, they assist us in realigning the energy currents in our body, which then brings forth joy, prosperity, and connection to Source."




"The ankh is held to the nose area because of its sensitivity to electromagnetic waves. The area between the fifth and sixth chakra is centered around the nasal cavities, where massive quantity of neural receptors are exposed to the environment."

~ The Ankh: African Origins of Electromagnetism