Back in Action!

Greeting Tribe!

It’s Ankara Akeru reaching out from the apex of the pyramid.

I have been missing in action, while I go through yet another massive transformation. I think we are all feeling the impact of the last year while navigating personal, family, and business ties. Goodness, the challenges and breakthroughs have been tremendous!

I have been taking time to reflect and reassess where I am on the path and I felt like I needed a serious course correction and I wanted to share some details with the tribe. Here are some major points of transformation that I have been experiencing.

*I left my 10 year tour of duty in the cannabis industry

*I had a major breakthrough in many family relationships that have brought more ease and grace into my life

*I started a business mentor ship container called Sacred Purposes with Adam Rubin

*I made the decision to move forward publicly as a Psychedelic Mentor, Educator and Advocate

*I completed the Psychedelic Space Program live event with Tah and Kole Whitty

*I am creating the first big launch of my mentorship program called The Cosmic Gate Keepers

There are big things happening in our lives and the transformation is palpable! I am here with you through this shift and I am making a commitment to be in transparent communication with all of you. Very soon I will be announcing two major events that I have created to assist the massive wave of humanity that are onboard in with the psychedelic experience.

We need tribe.

We need integration.

We need guidance.

We need connection.

I will be here offering and honoring, to my best ability, all the skills and experience that have allowed me to reach this far. Keep an ear out for some exciting announcements from the newly created Psilocypher Sessions on Clubhouse and the live event coming up in Sedona for the 8/8 Lions Gate called the Psilosound Immersion!

May all your visions become solid

With Love,

Ankhara the Ankh Alchemist hub

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