The Codes of ANKH

Crystal Synergy Ankhs are a new and innovative approach to the ancient symbol of eternal life from the land of Kemet. Each tool is uniquely hand crafted utilizing semi precious stones, metals, magnets, symbology and geometry to create a synergy effect of vitalizing life force energy. Crystal Synergy Ankhs are the coalescence of the age old teachings of our Ancestors and modern quantum field research. These are tools of transformation designed to amplify and enrich your life. They can be utilized to enhance your manifestations, increase your magnetism, harmonize polarities, and heighten the natural vitality that flows through your being.

Codes of ANKH


The Ankh of Isis invites us into her inner temple where we can experience the Universal Womb awakening. Encoded in this sacred tool are the keys that will unlock and illuminate the creative force within and connect us to the All. Inside this temple we may utilize the Ankh of Isis to ignite the path of our own healing and therefore the healing of our planet.



Crystal Synergy Ankhs

Crystal Synergy Ankhs are our most popular synergy tool. Each one is custom crafted using your birthdate and numerology information, as well as a Theta meditation download as to what crystals work best for your needs. Prices vary depending on the size and type of stones used.



Immersion Package Offer

We are excited to offer group packages for workshops and retreats! Our Crystal Synergy Ankhs make an excellent graduation or initiation gift for your participants to integrate the services you provided in your training. Group rates start at $150 each for 5-10 participants, and for 10 or more we offer the ankhs at $130 each.



Copper Pyramids

An excellent tool for healers and individuals alike! The benefits of sleeping, meditating, or resting under a copper pyramid are well documented, and the benefits of the treatments provided under one are intensified, making them a powerful tool for your healing practice.



Crystal Synergy Scepters

Crystal Scepters are an alternative to the sacred geometry of the ankh, and make excellent wands for magical works or for focused energy healing.



Ruby Package

We can now combine your purchase of a Crystal Synergy Ankh with our 4-week online Crystal Synergy certification course for a deep discount. We'll provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to use your tool for  personal development, healing,protection, and Ancestral communication. 



Mini Ankh Pendants 

Now in wearable size! Protect your energy field from the harmful effects of wifi and other frequencies.



Crystal Synergy Sistrums

Sistrums were used in Ancient Egypt by the priestesses of the goddess of love and beauty to summon Her energy into rituals for fertility, creativity, family blessings, and divine feminine energy. Our Crystal Synergy Sistrums are an excellent tool for summoning ancestral energies of abundance and beauty.





The full embodiment! Get you Copper Pyramid, Crystal Synergy Ankh, our 4-week online Crystal Synergy certification course, and a private healing session. We'll provide you with a guided session so that you understand how to use both of your tools for healing, personal development, protection from negative frequencies, and Ancestral communication. 



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