About Cosmic Roots Creations

About Ankhara

Ankhara Akeru is an Ankh alkemist and copper pyramid builder who is rooted in the stars. His work combines cutting edge scientific research in crystalography, electromagnetic and ion fields with ancient healing modalities such as crystal grids, copper structures, and sound technologies. He is a certified Kemetic Reiki Master, and certified Theta Facilitator.  Ankhara is currently developing tools called Ancient Future Technologies, inside of a copper pyramid chamber. He builds customized Crystal Synergy Ankhs whose energy he downloads from the 7th Plane. He utilizes crystal grids, sound frequencies, prayer, and sacred symbols to raise vitality levels and amplify bioresonance through the synergism maintained in the process. His techniques encode and activate DNA restructuring which is vital for physical spiritual well-being. Ankhara also creates and installs Copper Pyramid Portals, and offers workshops for festivals such as Portal to the New Earth, Lightning in a Bottle, California World Fest, Colab Campout, and  Lucidity. His presentations and interactive workshops cover the synergistic effects of crystals, copper, and magnets, and the utilization of Ancient Future Technologies to achieve optimum vitality for people and plants. Additionally, he offers one on one training and private sessions.