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Cosmic Key Makers

12-Week Entheogen Facilitator
& Integration Online Course

Enrollment Open for

January 2023

(Opening Circle: January 8th, 2022)

on Zoom

Welcome Cosmic Key Makers Initiates

You have arrived at the portal of transformation known as the Cosmic Key Makers Entheogen Academy*. If you are ready to step into your purpose to integrate & facilitate the psychedelic journey, you have been led to a sound space.


This 12-week educational online academy is a deep dive immersion that explores the fundamental aspects of creating and holding a safe container for psychedelic interpersonal transformation and integration.  Cosmic Key Makers will equip you with many tools and modalities used to create a harmonious and safe setting for journeywork. It will also offer you an inclusive look at ethics and ways to honor reciprocal relationships.

We know how hard it is to breakthrough and begin building in the psychedelic field because of the many obstacles we face.

*This course material is for educational purposes only.

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A Community Led by 
Ankhara Akeru and Diana Ricciardi

 Ankhara and Diana will teach you how to bring about the consciousness shift our beautiful Earth is ready for.


Collectively, we share over 20 years exploring, studying, & journeying psychedelics. We also share experience facilitating one-on-one & group ceremony, guiding various healing modalities, as well as individual & group coaching.


The Cosmic Key Makers Psychedelic Facilitator & Integration Online Course is a community learning container for future psychedelic educators and space holders to obtain the necessary skills to establish their offering to educate, prepare, guide, & integrate the safe/responsible, sacred, therapeutic, & ancestral utilization of psychedelics. 

Our love language at Cosmic Key Makers Entheogen Academy is to remind you of your power.


Together, we remember to trust.

You might be lacking the community and guidance needed to confidently move forward.

You might deal with societal shame and misunderstandings from your families.  We say this because we struggled tremendously until we invested in some key mentors that inspired us to rise into our roles as educators, facilitators and gatekeepers. 


That’s why we created this program!


It’s not only an online study course but also a potent space to connect and grow as a community. Our community is EPIC. Collective input and accountability are potent keys to this container.


Each class is lovingly crafted to be a foundational building block for your development. 


After this course you will be equipped to bring your offerings and service to those who need it the most.


We invite you to step into this portal with us.


This is a 3 month virtual container designed for budding space holders, light and shadow workers, psychonauts, ceremonialists, & entheogenic explorers.  The Cosmic Key Makers Online Course will also feature *many* guest speakers, educators and advocates who have helped to pioneer the Psychedelic Renaissance. 

What We Pledge to Give Back:


From its inception, the Cosmic Gatekeepers Entheogen Academy has maintained a reciprocal and supportive relationship with the indigenous and tribal peoples who have maintained the plant and fungus technologies. In fact, our community has raised over $3,000 in the last year that has contributed to 


  • 5% of proceeds to charitable funds supporting Tamarian Institute


  • 2 Full scholarship seats


Some of the Topics You'll Learn


The Four I's of Facilitating



Decolonizing your 

practice and pricing


Cultivation and dosing to optimize the journey

Ancestral Realms

Navigating and honoring the realms of the ancestors

Preperation & Integration

Learn the basics of preparing and integrating of the psychedelic experience

Creating a Sustainable Business

How to build your business as a guide, integration coach, or psychedelic educator

Risk Reduction

Optimizing safety and benefit for practitioners and people who sit

Ceremonial Tools

The essential elements of the healing ceremony, including songs

What you'll receive as
a Cosmic Key Maker:

  • 12 live presentations* via Zoom with head instructors & featured guest lecturers 

  • 12 week Course Psilobus​

  • Clubhouse App (free download)

  • Weekly Clubhouse community chat + discussion meeting

  • 7 Chakra mapping & activations

  • Weekly breathwork sessions

  • Xperiencify: Gamified Coursework Platform (fun and engaging self-guided practicums that test and refine your understanding of the topics)​

  • Extra videos, audio, and online resources for self-guided study

  • Lifetime access to Cosmic Keymakers Community via Signal thread (EPIC!)

  • Access to pre-recorded presentations from Chris Dyer, Myco James & more


  • Recommendations for psychedelic books, podcasts, audible books, Spotify playlists, & art for independent study (EPIC!)


*Access to download the Cosmic Keymakers Live Academy Zoom    Presentations with featured guest  speakers

& a live immersion experience

There will be opportunities for all Cosmic Key Makers students to gather together in live immersion settings to practice the training and techniques we learned as a collective. Our immersions have been held in Tulum, Mexico and Mt. Shasta, California

Our next live immersion experience will be in Costa Rica!

What our students say about Cosmic Key Makers

Raven, CGK 1

As a collective we grew. I would recommend this course to anyone that is looking to personally heal or community heal with plant medicine.

Joivon, CGK 1

I feel the curriculum was wonderful. From individual to community the spectrum and depth was amazing.  Im looking forward to continuing my education with the sturdy foundation that was created.

Cristina, CGK 1

The teaching and administration felt very honest and real and was easy to connect to on a personal level.  It was a wonderful experience to be part of and to witness the growth and progress of this grassroots community.

Sarah, CGK 2

This class is literally everything I could have needed to be able to share what I can share now. If I didn’t have this class I would not have the knowledge and experience to participate in this. Oh my gosh THANK y’all. I’m just in total shock

Shante, CGK 1

I want to give you your flowers for creating an incredibly rich training program, I can say, empathetically, that the coursework, material, resources + guest lectures you’ve aligned for this facilitator training is UNMATCHED + UNPARALLELED…the value of this course, your teachings, and the community you are building is so completely beyond…you are true pioneers and I have so much love, appreciation, and admiration

Alana, CGK 2

I would like to express my profound gratitude to Ankhara for orchestrating this wonderful course and I am truly honored to have been able to learn from you. My work in this world is only just beginning & I have complete confidence moving forward thanks to the cosmic gatekeepers

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I want to be a Cosmic Key Maker

CGK applicaton
Meet Your Facilitators

Ankhara Akeru is a Psychedelic Educator, Metaphysician, Ankh Alchemist, and Transformational Breath Coach from Jacksonville, Florida. 


He has 20+ years of journeying experience with indigenous and plant teachers. With a wide range of knowledgye and experience in natural science, ancient culture and entheogens, Ankhara is an expert at bridging the gap between the forgotten past and a brilliant future to help people find their purpuose.


He is the creator of an online Mentorship program designed for budding Psychedelic Facilitators called Cosmic Keymakers. Ankhara also offers transformational breath workshops that have been providing breakthroughs and deep levels of self discovery for the psychedelic community.


 In addition, he is the Founder of the popular psychedelic forum know as Psilocypher Sessions on the Clubhouse app. 


Ankhara Akeru has appeared as a speaker at the Detroit Psychedelic Conference, the Mikeadelic Podcast, and That One Time on Psychedelics.


Diana Ricciardi, aka 'Saturn,' is an international retreat leader, master NLP coach, published author, and Hypnobreath creator.


Her passion is creating inclusive, safe spaces for men and women to come together, get vulnerable, and support each other in ways most people don't ever get to experience. Helping others build their spiritual repertoire to break free from mental constraints and physical contraction is her passion.


Her focus is on mental health, restructuring the subconscious mind and the nervous system, psychedelic integration, and guiding people through the process of meeting their happiest self, and their soul-fam.

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